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The Isotope Geology Laboratory at Boise State University is a node in the EARTHTIME Network for the Calibration of Earth History. In the spirit of teamwork and cooperation fostered by the EARTHTIME Initiative, please take a look at our developing archive of analytical procedures used in the BSU IGL for isotope geochemistry and geochronology*.

*Disclaimer: While the information below represents the accumulated knowledge and practices used in the BSU IGL, the laboratory and affiliated staff are not responsible nor liable for errors of omission or otherwise. Procedures are always being refined, so these files are periodically updated.

Laboratory Supplies

Laboratory Methods

Shop Drawings & Instructions

  • Making 50 µl or 100 µl microcolumns for U-Pb ion chromatography
  • Making a carousel for holding microcolumns
  • Making a stem and puck holder for “Ludwig”-type PFA microcapsules, for accessory mineral dissolution
  • Making a polypropylene stand for a double quartz sub-boiling still (still supplied by Allen Scientific Glass)
  • Making a zircon air-abrader (GSC/MIT style) (designed by Clark Isachsen, U. Arizona)

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