Analyses & Rates

Last Updated: Jan 2018

The Stable isotope laboratory provides high-quality analyses on numerous substrates for on-campus, off-campus, and commercial users. Please contact Matt Kohn regarding research projects and analytical needs.

Isotope Analyses [1,2]On-Campus Rate (Academic)External Rate (Academic/Agency)Commercial Rate [6]
H&O, freshwater,
CRDS [3]
$6.00$8.00See cost multiplier
H&O, water, MS$14.00$20.00See cost multiplier
H&O, inorganic$11.00$16.00See cost multiplier
H&O, organic$11.00$16.00See cost multiplier
C&N, organic$8.00$11.00See cost multiplier
C OR N, organic$7.00$10.00See cost multiplier
C&O, carbonates$10.00$15.00See cost multiplier
C&O, phosphates$10.00$15.00See cost multiplier
O, phosphate$11.00$16.00See cost multiplier
Weigh/encapsulate [4]$1.50$2.00See cost multiplier
Grind$2.25$3.00See cost multiplier
Acidify$3.50$5.00See cost multiplier
Filter$2.25$3.00See cost multiplier
H2O extraction$10.00$15.00See cost multiplier
Phosphate Preparation [5]:
     CO3 component$15.00$20.00See cost multiplier
     PO4 component$18.00$25.00See cost multiplier

[1] Isotopically enriched samples must be identified prior to submission for analysis!

[2] Prices include standardization.

[3] Waters with dissolved organics or salts must be identified prior to submission for analysis and will incur additional cost.

[4] Please contact us before weighing/encapsulating your own samples.

[5] Includes cost of grinding and weighing.

[6] Commercial samples are analyzed with cost multipliers of the on-campus rate:

  • 3.5 for <100 samples
  • 2.75 for 100-500 samples
  • 2.0 for >500 samples.
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