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Geo Grad Org Recognition Awards!

Over the past couple of weeks, G2O has solicited nominations for our inaugural department awards. The goal of these awards is to take a moment to recognize some of the wonderful people in our geoscience community and let them know that their impact on our community does not go unnoticed. Recipients will be acknowledged at the End of Year Party on this Friday where they will be presented with their certificate. We received ~20 nominations across the four awards soliciting nominations and it is clear that this department is full of amazing people. We wanted to take this time to acknowledge not only the recipients but all those who were nominated.

Below is a description of each award, the nominees, and this year’s recipients.

Award for Excellence in Teaching

This award is in its inaugural year and is intended to recognize a teaching faculty member who has achieved excellence in teaching within the Department of Geosciences over a period of several years. The Award for Excellence in Teaching acknowledges an outstanding teaching faculty member who is accessible and approachable, devotes time and effort into preparing for class, and encourages classroom discussions. Award recipients are to be nominated by graduate students only. The same person may not receive the teaching award more than once in three years. No award needs to be given if no nominations are received.


  • Karen Viskupic (Recipient)
  • H.P. Marshall

Excellence in Mentoring Award

The Excellence in Mentoring award was developed by students this Spring. It is intended to recognize faculty that go above and beyond in mentoring graduate students other than their own advisees. Faculty who embody this award are interested in helping students grow as individuals and serve as role models for the Department of Geosciences community, both academically and personally. Award recipients are to be nominated by graduate students only. Students could not nominate their own advisors.


  • Lejo Flores (recipient)
  • Jen Pierce
  • Linda Reynard
  • Darin Schwartz
  • Karen Viskupic

Outstanding Faculty Research Assistant, Research Associate, or Postdoc Award

The Outstanding Faculty Research Assistant Award was initiated by the Geosciences Graduate Organization (G2O) as a way to recognize the significant contribution FRAs make in supporting student development and research. Nominated candidates should exceed expectations in duties and/or be exceptional mentors to graduate students. G2O will accept nominations for Research Associates and Post-docs in this award category.

Nominees (Recipients name is bold faced)

  • Jake Anderson
  • Kendra Kaiser
  • Darin Schwartz (recipient)

Outstanding Graduate Student Award

The Outstanding Graduate Student Award is in its inaugural year and was established as a way to recognize graduate students for outstanding service, mentorship, and other significant contributions to the Department of Geosciences. Nominated candidates are evaluated on key factors that include promoting excellence, fostering inclusivity, and going above and beyond both within their research groups and the department.


  • Rainey Aberle
  • Bridget Bittman
  • Ashley Bosa
  • Jukes Liu
  • Emma McCully (recipient)
  • Will Rudisill
  • Greg Shafer
  • Steve Slivicki
  • Leslie Young (recipient)

Congratulations to all of this year’s nominees and a special congratulations to all of the recipients. Thank you for all that you do to support our community!