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Welcome our 2023 – 2024 GeoClub Leadership Team!

Please welcome our new GeoClub leadership team for the 2023 – 2024 academic year!
President: Zoe Lowder
Vice President: Skylar Chase
Treasurer: Isabella Welk
Communications Officer: Bryn Chafee
Committee Member: Alexandra Friel
Hi! I am Zoe Lowder, currently the treasurer of the geoclub and the upcoming president for next year! I will be a senior next year and have an emphasis in hydrology. I love to read, be outside, hang out with my cat, and obviously look at cool rocks. This past year in geoclub, we have really been able to connect with students and the department, and I am hoping to build an even stronger sense of community next year!
Howdy all, my name is Skyler and I’ll be joining GeoClub leadership as the vice president! One of my personal goals in this position will be to help foster an inclusive community where students can learn from each other and form meaningful friendships. Next year, I’m looking forward to working with my fellow leadership members as we plan lots of fun events that will help facilitate this goal.
Hey guys! I’m Isabella. I am a senior and a geology emphasis. In my free time l like to read, paint, bake, and be outdoors. I am looking forward to getting more involved with Geoclub and helping to organize some fun events next year.
Hi, my name is Bryn and I’m a junior with a hydrology emphasis. I have been a Geoclub liaison this past year, and it has been super fun to see people getting excited about building the geoscience community. I’ll be the communications officer this next school year, so look forward to hearing about events from me! I’ve loved meeting everyone that I have so far, and am grateful for the opportunity to expand on that. Hope we get to find lots of cool rocks together! See you all around. Peace.
I’m Alexandra Friel, I’m a senior and graduating this upcoming fall! My emphasis is Geophysics. I do research with Ellyn Enderlin and field work with Lee Liberty. I also work in the engineering innovation studio! In my free time, I love to play hockey, do anything outside, play bass, and paint. Looking forward to another great semester with the Geoclub!