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Graduate Student Resources MS Timeline

MS students should use this table to guide their schedule; timeline is based upon a two-year MS degree in programs for which a thesis is required.  Some students will take more time to complete their degree.  Some students may also choose to register during the summer semester and/or complete their thesis during the summer (requiring summer registration in GEOS/GEOPH593).

MS Timeline Table

Note that forms accessible through the Graduate College ( 'might' need additional steps to access. Here is the advice from the graduate college regarding accessing these documents: "If you encounter an issue opening or completing the form, please open it in an incognito or private window by right clicking on the link and selecting that option"
year 1
semester 1
1) enroll in geos601, GEOS/GEOPH593, and GEOS598
2) form a committee
3) hold first committee meeting
4) onboard meeting with GPC
1) Progress Assurance Form
2) Upload web profile form
3) Committee Appointment Form link
year 1
semester 2
1) enroll in GEOS/GEOPH593, and GEOS598
2) submit thesis proposal to committee and present thesis proposal to department (refer to instructions and appendix in Graduate Student Handbook)
3) hold committee meeting and provide program development plan
1) Progress Assurance Form
2) Thesis Proposal Scheduling (do within first three weeks of semester)
year 2
semester 3
1) enroll in GEOS/GEOPH593, and GEOS598
2) hold committee meeting
1) Progress Assurance Form
2) Admission to Candidacy Form link
3) Schedule thesis defense (schedule during semester prior to defense)
year 2
semester 4
1) enroll in GEOS/GEOPH593, and GEOS598
2) apply to graduate through student center
3) submit written thesis to committee 2+ weeks prior to defense
4) schedule and hold thesis defense
5) summit final approved thesis to Graduate College
1) Progress Assurance Form
2) defense notification to graduate college form (do this beginning of semester to avoid penalty)
3) Defense Committee Approval (doc) link
4) Final Reading Approval Form (doc) link
5) Thesis Access Agreement Form