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Brittany Brand



  • Ph.D. | Arizona State University
    Geology, 2008
  • M.S.  | Boise State University
    Geology, 2004
  • B.S.   | Wright State University
    Geology, 2002


Volcanology Research: My volcanology research focuses on eruption dynamics, sediment transport in volcanic flows and volcanic hazard assessment. The foundation of my research is field-based observation and measurements, which are used for development and validation of experimental and numerical models. Establishing relationships between depositional characteristics and eruptive processes is a fundamental first step toward answering outstanding questions regarding the controls on eruption dynamics, mechanisms of sediment transport and hazards associated with sediment gravity flows, and the local and global consequences of volcanism on Earth and other planets.

Hazard Preparedness Research: I work to bridge the gap between science and society by combining research, outreach, and education. My research group and I investigate ways to motivate preparedness actions for natural hazards by engaging individuals in active (experiential) learning opportunities. The goals of our efforts are to help residents personalize risk and develop positive attitudes toward the efficacy of taking protective actions.

Community Resilience: My community resilience research focuses on engaging a diverse group of community members and researchers to co-develop community-driven, locally relevant resilience metrics that holistically assess community disaster resilience needs. Methods include a multidimensional analysis of the social, human, natural, economic, and physical capitals, and the integration of existing resilience efforts (e.g., hazard mitigation plans; sustainability plans) to address local needs. We aim to explore the resources and connections that enable a community (or region) to address chronic stresses and recover from acute shocks — fostering healthy, resilient, thriving communities.

I am also the Director for the Boise State Hazard and Climate Resilience Institute (HCRI). The HCRI fosters interdisciplinary and cross sector collaboration to build connected, thriving, resilient communities. We provide a platform to connect researchers, students, and community partners to collaboratively address community resilience research and practical needs. We envision a world where researchers and community partners regularly work together to address societal challenges, effectively translating research to practice.

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  • UF100 (Un)Natural Disasters: A Geoscience Perspective on Natural Hazards, Climate Change, and Society
  • GEOS 487 – Geoscience Capstone and Technical Communication
  • GEOS 460/560 – Volcanology
  • GEOS 562 – Advanced Field Methods in Volcanology
  • GEOS 586 – Selected topics in Volcanology
  • GEOS 597, Special Topics – Advanced Physical Volcanology
  • GEOS 597, Special Topics – Graduate Writing Seminar

Volcanology; Advance Volcanic Processes; Geoscience Communication; Pyroclastic Density Currents (seminar series); Volcanology Field Methods; Volcanoes and Society; Natural Hazards, Vulnerability and Risk

Be sure to check out our other excellent faculty members with interests in igneous processes, including Dr. Dorsey Wanless, Dr. Mark Schmitz, and Dr. Jeffrey Johnson.  Please email if you have interest in joining us at Boise State University!

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