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Carson MacPherson-Krutsky

Carson MacPherson-Krutsky

Research Scientist

  • Ph.D. | Boise State University
  • M.S. | University of Montana
  • B.S. | Western Washington University


  1. Examining best practices for communicating natural hazard natural hazard risks and investigating which factors influence people to take protective actions (e.g., make a supply kit, family emergency plan, retrofit a home). Carson also spends time developing multimedia products (e.g., infographics, websites, videos) to convey complex or technical information in engaging and user-friendly ways. See her website for examples.
  2. Carson is also the Co-Founder and Community Engagement Coordinator for the Hazard and Climate Resilience Institute at Boise State. With the Institute, she is passionate about making connections across disciplines, sectors, and with community members to ensure that the science we do can help support real world decision-making in communities of all shapes, sizes and types.

Contact Information

Office: ERB 5167