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Corey Wall

Research Scientist Corey Wall
  • Ph.D. | University of British Columbia, Canada (2016)
  • B.S.  | University of British Columbia, Canada (2009)


  1. Ion emitter chemistry and improving ionization efficiency of TIMS analyses.
  2. Characterization of U-Pb reference materials (zircon, titanite, apatite).
  3. High-precision geochronology of mafic magmatism associated with open-system layered intrusions and flood basalts.
  4. Tectonomagmatism of the Early Cambrian Oklahoma Aulacogen large igneous province.
  5. Integration of zircon geochemistry and rhyolite-MELTS modeling of silicic magma petrogenesis.


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Contact Information

Office: ERB 5164
Phone: 208-426-1121