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Darin Schwartz

Darin Schwartz on cruise

Research Scientist

  • Ph.D. | Boise State University
  • M.S. | University of Idaho
  • B.A. | Lewis Clark State College


  1. Coupling radiogenic and stable isotope ratios with trace element concentrations in mantle derived volcanic rocks to provide constraints on how material cycles through the deep Earth over geologic time as a result of plate tectonics. Particularly interested in decoding the Pb isotope signature of modern and ancient hotspot systems (e.g., Galapagos, Mid-Continental Rift), utilizing high-precision analyses on small samples, afforded by the double-spike technique as applied to thermal ionization mass spectrometry.
  2. Developing novel methods for the quantitative determination of trace element concentrations and isotope ratios in geologic and synthetic materials through inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometry by sample dissolution and laser ablation. y

Contact Information

Office: ERB 5159