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Dorsey Wanless Students

Current Graduate Students

Photo of Darin Schwartz

Darin Schwartz (PhD)

Project 1: Growth and demise of Galapagos seamounts

Project 2: Volatile, major, and trace element contents in melt inclusions from Coaxial Segment, Juan de Fuca Ridge


Schwartz, D., Wanless, V.D., Berg, R., Jones, M., Fornari, D., Soule, S.A., Lytle, M., and Carey, S., Petrogenesis of Alkalic Seamounts in the Galápagos Islands, Deep Sea Research II, in press (2017).

Photo of Sylvana Bendana

Sylvana Bendana (PhD)

Project 1: Melting systematics along the “Popping Rock” segment of the Mid-Atlantic Ridge

Photo of Molly Anderson

Molly Anderson (MS)

Project: Petrogenesis of lavas erupted along the 8°20’N seamount chain, East Pacific Rise

Current Undergraduate Students

Jordan Engstrom
     Project: Composition of Villarrica volcano cinder cones


Engstrom, Jordan, “Petrogenesis of Cinder Cones on Villarrica Volcano, Southern Chile” (2017). 2017 Undergraduate Research and Scholarship Conference.

Past Undergraduate Students

Val Strasser (Undergraduate – graduated fall 2017)
     Project: Volatile, major and trace element content of Gorda Ridge melt inclusions


V. Strasser, V. D. Wanless, D. Clague (2016), Depths of crystallization along the Gorda Ridge based on olivine-hosted melt inclusion compositions, American Geophysical Union, Fall Meeting Supplemental Abstract, V53B-3086.

Strasser, Valerie, “Depths of Crystallization Along the Gorda Ridge Based on Olivine-hosted Melt Inclusion Compositions” (2017). 2017 Undergraduate Research and Scholarship Conference.

Molly Anderson (Undergraduate – graduated fall 2016)
Project: Large deep water lava flows in the Galapagos


Anderson, M., (2016) Origin for deep marine lava flows along the western flanks of the Galapagos; Boise State Undergraduate Research Conference.

Anderson. M. ; V. D Wanless; D. Fornari; S. A. Soule; M. Jones (2016) Origin of deep lava flows at the base of the Galápagos Platform; American Geophysical Union Fall Meeting Supplement, V53A-3079.

Rebecca Berg (Undergraduate – graduated spring 2016)
     Project: Twin seamounts off the coast of Santiago Island


Berg, R., (2016) Analyses of Twin Seamounts and Their Correlation to Proximal Lavas; Boise State Undergraduate Research Conference.

Andrea Duran (Undergraduate – graduated spring 2015)
     Project: Mid-Cayman Rise Basalts

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