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Jim Crowley

Jim Crowley portrait

Research Scientist

  • Ph.D. | Carleton University
  • M.S.  | Carleton University
  • B.A.  | Amherst College


  1. Integration of high-precision geochronology, paleontology, and stratigraphy to determine the age of major events for life. For example, dating the end-Permian mass extinction through U-Pb analysis of zircon from volcanic ash beds, with the goal of determining the cause of the extinction.
  2. Developing techniques necessary to produce temporal constraints with uncertainties of better than 0.1%, including production of tracer solutions and characterization of zircon age standards that are being distributed worldwide for the purposes of inter-laboratory calibration.
  3. Obtaining high-precision dates from small fragments of accessory minerals (zircon, monazite, titanite) that were characterized for composition and zoning by micro-beam methods. Examples of the goals of this work are determining rates of silicic magma generation and the timing of metamorphic events.

Contact Information

Office: ERB 5153
Phone: 208-426-1121
Fax: 208-426-4061

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