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Lee Liberty Research

Lee Liberty's Contact Information Email:

My publications

My research topics at CGISS include

  • Neotectonics and earthquake hazards
  • Basin-scale geophysical studies
  • Marine seismic imaging
  • Hydrogeophysics
  • Cryosphere
  • New Methodologies
  • Humanitarian Geophysics

My tools include

  • Seismic reflection
  • Gravity and magnetics
  • Ground penetrating radar

Recent Select Projects

  • 2020-2021: Preliminary characterization of the Stanley earthquake, US Geological Survey & NSF funds
  • 2019-2021, Seismic profiling across the Eglington fault, Las Vegas, Nevada, U.S. Geological Survey NEHRP
  • 2017-2020, Seismic profiling of faults related to the 1886 Charleston earthquake, U.S. Geological Survey NEHRP
  • 2019-2021, containment and monitoring techniques (COTEC), Research Council of Norway
  • 2018-2020, Regolith, rock and fluid distributions at the Upper Colorado River Basin via a multicomponent seismic imaging approach, US Department of Energy
  • 2018-2020, Seismic Characterization of the Seattle Fault Deformation Front: Hazard Implications for Downtown Seattle, Washington,U.S. Geological Survey NEHRP
  • 2016-2019, Play Fairway Analysis of the Snake River Plain, Idaho – seismic imaging, US Department of Energy/Utah State


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