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Here’s a brief description of some of the classes I offer:

GEOS 314 & 314L Introductory Structural Geology

An introduction to fundamental concepts of deformation in Earth materials. Topics covered include: faults, folds, brittle failure, ductile deformation, rock fabric, principles of continuum mechanics, stress-strain relationships, and experimental data on rock deformation. Lab exercises are designed to develop skills in three-dimensional visualization, geometric analysis, stereographic projection, quantitative strain measurement, and interpretation of geologic maps and cross sections.
PREQ: M147, GEOS 200.

GEOS 514 Advanced Structural Geology

An in-depth tour of advanced concepts and analytical techniques in structural geology. Topics include: kinematic and vorticity analysis; structural petrography; balanced cross-sections and palinspastic restoration; statistical treatment of orientation data; and computer-assisted structural analysis. The course culminates with a group project in which students map field relationships, make detailed structural observations, gather orientation data, and then apply the analytical techniques discussed in the lecture to their data.
PREQ: GO 314.

GEOS 541 Global Plate Tectonics

Plate tectonic theory provides a unifying framework in which a wide variety of geologic phenomena can be organized and understood. This course reviews the geologic and geophysical foundations of plate tectonic theory, examines the geodynamic forces acting within the Earth to cause plate movements, identifies the geologic and geophysical characteristics of modern tectonic environments, and uses plate tectonic principles to interpret Earth’s history from the geologic record.

GEOS 540 Tectonics Seminar

A series of classes that examine individual orogenic systems, tectonic environments, or tectonic processes in detail.  The class begins in lecture format to provide a conceptual framework, then evolves into seminar discussions of relevant papers from the geologic literature.  Examples of class topics include:  the Appalachian-Caledonian Orogenic system; continental hot-spots; plate diveregence and mid-oceanic ridge processes; plate convergence and subduction  zone processes; continental rifting and extension; the assembly and stabilization of continental lithosphere; collisional tectonics; the assembly and fragmentation of supercontinents.

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