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Shawn Benner Research Group

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Our research group conducts research in the field of hydrologic sciences including water quality and quantity, impacts on, and response to, climate change, and biogeochemical processes in natural systems. We are particularly interested in the linkages between physical, chemical and biological processes and working on asking questions and solving scientific problems that are of immediate relevance to society.


My Background

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I got my start in the geosciences at Colorado College, where I received my undergraduate degree. I then attended the University of Montana where my master’s thesis work focused on surface-groundwater interaction in the mine-impacted floodplain of the upper Clark Fork River. My Ph.D. is from University of Waterloo, where I conducted research on reactive barriers to remediate mine drainage. Prior to joining the faculty at Boise State I was a post-doc at Stanford University and a Research Scientist at the Desert Research Institute.

Our Research


We are interested in examining scientific problems from the molecular to the field scale and my research approach often requires integration of the disciplines ofhydrology, geochemistry and biology. My students typically conduct fieldwork, develop laboratory skills and utilize numerical modeling to investigate a variety of complex biogeochemical processes. I have worked on problems related to surface-groundwater interaction, characterization and treatment of acid mine drainage, nutrient and carbon cycling, biogeochemical transformation of minerals, and subsurface and surface contaminant characterization and global climate influences on ecological function and carbon reservoirs. The Research Projects tab provides more detail of recent and current projects.Check out current and past graduate student profiles.

Student Opportunities

I am currently not accepting new graduate students

Contact Info

Address: 1910 University Drive, Department of Geosciences, Boise State University, Boise ID, 83725
Office: Environmental Research Building, ER 4155
Phone: 208.850.9033
Email: sbenner AT boisestate DOT edu

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