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Educational Studies

Do you want to work in education with children or adults but not necessarily in a classroom? The Educational Studies degree might be the right program for you. This program prepares individuals to work in a variety of settings related to education, or to go on to pursue a master’s or doctoral degree related to education. Graduates of this program receive a Leadership Certificate that prepares them to manage and lead in the field of education.

Department Name: Department of Curriculum, Instruction and Foundational Studies

Official Degree Name: Educational Studies

Degree Type: Bachelor of Arts

This degree does not lead to teacher certification.

What can I do with this degree?

Individuals interested in pursuing careers in university settings (e.g., Advising, Admissions, Financial Aid, etc.) would benefit from a degree in educational studies.

The degree also prepares individuals to serve in public service positions across government, non-profits, and educational settings.

Recreational and other programs with an educational component often have administrative, coaching or supervision positions that would also align well with this degree.

Degree Requirements and Advising Resources


Costs and Scholarships

Boise State provides an affordable, quality education to improve your future. Scholarship opportunities are available for residents and nonresidents, making it even more affordable to attain a quality education.

The College of Education also offers a range of scholarship opportunities. 

The Cost and Value of a Boise State Education

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