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Executive Educational Leadership

Bridge the divide between theory and practice while working closely with a network of leaders from across Idaho. This 5 semester Education Specialist degree is an innovative, cohort-based program.  The program schedule is designed to be working-professional friendly and allows you to pursue an advanced degree while still continuing your full-time work.

Choose the attendance pattern that makes sense for you.  You can select between a face-to-face cohort with class sessions being held one consecutive Friday and Saturday per month during the fall/spring semesters, and eight days in the summer months, OR a virtual pattern with remote/synchronous and asynchronous components.

Official Degree Name: Education Specialist in Executive Educational Leadership

Degree Type: Education Specialist

Type of Idaho Certification: Idaho Superintendent

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What can I do with this degree?

The Executive Educational Leadership program will prepare candidates for Idaho Superintendent Certification and central office leadership positions. It is designed to meet the needs of mid-career K-12 professionals.This model provides our graduates with the skills, knowledge, and dispositions to make a powerful influence in education policy and practice.

Administrative Renewal Course

In addition, to our superintendent and principal certification programs, Boise State also offers an online option to renew your administrative certificate. The K-12 Professional Development course “Supervision and Evaluation using the Idaho Framework for Teacher Evaluations” is offered for three credits and each credit costs $60 for Idaho educators or residents. The course fulfills the recertification requirement for administrators and is available online through a flexible, asynchronous format. 

Administrative Certificate Renewal Credits

Research and Partnerships in Executive Educational Leadership

Faculty and students in Executive Educational Leadership have a subscribers network that allows school districts, charters, and other agencies to work with our researchers, faculty, and graduate students to deliver professional development, coaching, mentoring, research regarding systems challenges, and other services like program evaluation. Find out more about the Network of Leaders and Learners project by visiting About Us – Network of Leaders and Learners (

One of our specific goals is to build capacity and support rural education in Idaho.  The Network engages in practice-research partnerships to identify challenges and collaborate on finding solutions. Rural leaders (superintendents, principals, and teacher-leaders) often wear many hats and are spread very thin. We work to find ways to support these educational leaders from the system level to the classroom by improving support strategies, services, and collaboration on the quality and viability of rural teacher, principal and superintendent pipelines (including recruitment, preparation, development, and retention).

Integrated and Innovative

The program adheres to a cohort model to encourage social and professional support, collaborative learning, improved academic achievement and greater completion rates, and is capped for small class sizes.

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