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Degree Requirements

The doctoral program is designed to develop skills in four broad areas.  Each student will complete courses in:

  1. Curriculum and instruction,
  2. School improvement,
  3. Research methods, and
  4. An area of specialization.

Each student will also complete a comprehensive examination of his or her course work and then a dissertation study.  The core courses are listed below.

Course Number and TitleCredits
Core Requirements
EDU 610 The American Culture and the Context of Schooling (3 credits)
EDU 660 Learning and Cognition (3 credits)
EDU 662 Curriculum (3 credits)
Research Core, take at least 3 credits of the following:
EDU 555 Analysis of Variance in Educational Research (3 credits)
EDU 556 Multiple Regression in Educational Research ( 3 credits)
Take the following:
EDU 650 Analysis of Research Perspectives (3 credits)
EDU 651 Program Evaluation (3 credits)
EDU 652 Quantitative Approaches to Research (3 credits)
EDU 653 Qualitative Approaches to Research (3 credits)
Cognate Area26
EDU 691 Comprehensive Examination1
EDU 693 Dissertation9
Total 60