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Become a leader.

Boise State’s doctoral program in curriculum and instruction is designed to develop graduates who will be effective leaders in educational improvement. Courses are designed for teachers and school leaders and are offered in the evenings to allow educators to pursue the doctorate while working in schools. The coursework provides students with the basis for a thorough understanding of what schools are and can be, insights into the complexities of teaching and learning, and collaborative opportunities to work towards making a measurable and positive effect upon current education programs and student learning.

Official Degree Name: Curriculum and Instruction

Degree Type: Doctor of Education (EdD)

What can I do with this degree?

Graduates of the doctoral program have become leaders in public education and school improvement, and bring their advanced expertise in education to work as school principals, university professors, as well as private businesses and organizations. Others go on to work in a variety of higher education, research and clinical settings.

Given the individualized approach of the program, doctoral candidates are able to design programs that best meet their career and academic goals.

Degree Requirements

The doctoral program is designed to develop skills in four broad areas:

  • Curriculum and instruction
  • Learning and cognition
  • Research methods, and
  • An area of specialization

Each student will also complete a comprehensive examination of his or her course work and then a dissertation study.

Admission Procedures

Graduate Assistantships

The College of Education also offers Graduate Assistantships. A limited number of competitive graduate assistantship opportunities are available in the College of Education. Graduate assistantships typically offer a 9-month research assistantship position that includes an approximate $9,588 stipend, tuition and fee waiver, and student health insurance. (Graduate assistantships for doctoral candidates include an approximate $13,632 stipend.)

Apply for a College of Education Graduate Assistantship 


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