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Idaho Comprehensive Literacy Requirement

Welcome to the Idaho Comprehensive Literacy Assessments (ICLAs) at Boise State University. We offer testing to Boise State students as part of coursework/programs (internal testing), and we offer testing for those who need to take the assessments but are not Boise State students (external testing).

External testers (non-BSU students) can take the ICLC through the Lee Pesky Learning Center. The “course” covers Standards 1, 2, 3, and 4 and is $385, paid through Lee Pesky. You will receive a letter certifying that you have completed the Idaho State Department of Education course requirements for literacy instruction. Some people don’t need or want credits for the course. If you need credit for the course, you would enroll in the Lee Pesky course first (ICLC is $385), then register for credit with Boise State Extended Studies (4 credits x $60/credit = $240) for a total of $625. If you have any questions about the Lee Pesky course, please contact Courtney Painton at

Lee Pesky Learning Center

If you have questions about the course credits, please visit Extended Studies using the link below:

Extended Studies



  • Boise State students – Reach out to your instructor for the ICLA-related course, your program coordinator, or your academic advisor. For general questions, email Kimberly Parker at
  • External testers – If you have questions about the Idaho Comprehensive Literacy requirement or your licensure process (not about taking the ICLA at Boise State), please visit the Idaho State Department of Education website, where you will find contact information.
  • All testers – If you need information about programs or program requirements at Boise State, please visit our Teacher Education page.
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