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Idaho Comprehensive Literacy Requirement

Non-Boise State Students:

Idaho professional education credential requires some teachers to meet the Idaho Comprehensive Literacy (ICL) requirement. Previously, an Idaho Comprehensive Literacy course was offered. However, with the addition of writing to the ICL Standards, this course no longer covers all standards. Boise State now offers the Idaho Comprehensive Literacy Assessments (ICLA) remotely, and revised exams are available that assess all the ICL standards.



About the ICLA

  • There are four different assessments, one for each ICL standard – 1. Literacy foundations; 2. Fluency, vocabulary and comprehension, 3. Literacy assessments; and 4. Writing.
  • A score of 70% or higher is required to pass each exam. Printable certificates are available online at the conclusion of each assessment and should be saved for your records.
  • Assessments are taken using online proctoring and can be taken year round.
  • The cost is $95 per assessment, which is paid online prior to beginning each assessment. The payment is for one attempt (for example, you will need to pay each time you take the exam if you have to take it multiple times).  If you do not pass on the first attempt, you will follow the same directions to retake the exam. No refunds are offered for the exams.
  • While there are no study guides for the revised assessments, Concepts and Competencies Guides that detail the assessment content are found in the following table:
Assessment StandardLink to Concepts and Competencies Guide
Standard I
Foundational Literacy Concepts
Standard I Concepts and Competencies Guide: Elementary
Standard II
Fluency, Vocabulary and Comprehension
Standard II Concepts and Competencies Guide: Elementary and Secondary
Standard III
Literacy Assessments
Standard III Concepts and Competencies Guide: Elementary
Standard IV
Standard IV Concepts and Competencies Guide

Signing up to take the ICLA remotely

Signing up for and taking the ICLA is a multi-step process. Expect several business days from when you begin this process to when you can access/take your exam. When you finish each exam, you can save your score certificate immediately.

*If you would like to sign up for and take one or more of the exams, follow the seven steps in this direction list.

For more information about the Idaho Comprehensive Literacy requirement or questions about the licensure process, please visit the Idaho State Department of Education website, where you will find contact information. You can also review the Standards for Educator Preparation for more information.

If you have questions about taking the ICLA through Boise State, please contact Dr. Hannah Carter,

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