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ETS Students Submit Card for Meals on Wheels

ETS students finished the cards for the Meals on Wheels Project. Thank you to all those who created with us, it was amazing! We had 20 students participate from our various schools. There were 735 cards created that were donated to Caldwell Meals on Wheels!

A contest was held for the most unique/creative card, with the prize being a $25 gift card donated by a BSU professor. After much deliberation, TRIO staff chose 2 cards as winners. Sierra Martens from Canyon Springs won 1st place, and Rain Heavirland also from Canyon Springs won 2nd place. The winning card is pictured below. Congrats!

We will be doing this project again next year and we look forward to the results.

A hand-drawn thank you card showing an upset frog next to a broken down car. Text reads, "What happens when a frog's car breaks down?"

A photo of a cardboard box filled with 735 hand-drawn thank you cards in various colors and sizes. A thank you card that has two colored toads. One is on a lilipad and the other is a popup. Text reads, "it gets toad"