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Conflicts and Dreams – Playwriting BSU TRIO Upward Bound 2023

Collage of six Upward Bound students

16 Students, 8 Mentors, 6 Actors and hundreds of community advocates!

Magic happened over this week-long workshop, hosted and funded by TRIO Upward Bound at Boise State University, with continued funding and mentor support by the Kessler Keener Foundation. This was our 8th year of the Mentor Artists- MAPP program with TRIO UB at BSU. A diverse group of students, from all over Southern Idaho, yet representing a larger cultural worldview, delighted in discovering hidden talents and creating new stories. Although not all were extroverts like the six photographed above, each of the 16 young people openly shared their imaginations, hopes and dreams in the workshop process and through their monologues. There was the Sun who is tired of shining, a QuinceƱera crown who has been discarded and shoved into a dark backpack, the book of the Quran in conflict with the Moon, or a hard working Giraffe who has no time for play! So many other wonderful monologues delighted the professional actors who read the roles and the audience who attended the performance! It was also exciting to have so many students (7 this year!) from the Duck Valley Shoshone – Paiute Reservation participate. It is our goal to return for our 8th year to Duck Valley to present these plays and work with all the students in the Owyhee Combined School (pre K- 12) soon.”

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