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Students Celebrate National TRIO Day

National TRIO Day is celebrated annually at the end of February and is a way for TRIO students to give back to the University as well as the community.

This year the Boise State TRIO Programs are hosted a TRIO week, which consisted of activities all week long and culminated on Saturday with the TRIO Day Banquet. It was a great opportunity for students from both the TRIO Rising Scholars and the TRIO Teacher Preparation Programs to get together and participate in a variety of student-planned activities and workshops.

On Tuesday students got together to write letters to the troops to thank them for their service. On Wednesday the students gathered to watch a movie and participate in intellectual discussion, Thursday was game night, and Saturday was the culminating formal Gala and banquet. Throughout the week creative workshops were held where students could write poetry, share their stories, or create pieces of art. Many of these projects were shared by the students during the gala on Saturday.

Many thanks to the TRIO Peer Mentors for planning and implementing such great activities and events! We want to acknowledge all of the hard work that went into making TRIO Week a success!