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Celebrating First-Generation students: Zoey Heimback

Photo of TRIO Teacher Prep student Zoe Heimback
First-generation student Zoey Heimback will become a teacher to share her passion for learning with her future students with the support of the TRIO Teacher Prep program.

First-generation student Zoey Heimback’s family has always prioritized education, despite being from a low-income background. Her grandmother set the tone for the family by expecting the younger generations to attend college to better their circumstances. Now with the help of TRIO Teacher Prep, Heimback will become an educator herself with a degree in elementary education, emphasizing in math.

“TRIO has helped me feel more involved on campus and has introduced me to people with similar circumstances,” said Heimback. “Before I joined TRIO I would feel so defeated trying to figure things out on my own, not knowing what I needed to be successful.”

Advising and mentorship through the program has also helped Heimback navigate the often complicated and stressful university environment that first-generation students contend with as the first in their families to attend college.

Fully supported in developing a love of learning, Heimback will be able to help her future students discover that passion as well.

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