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Conferences & Workshops for Students

Guidelines and Other Instructions:

  • Boise State First-Year Students, or those with cumulative credits between 0-25 credit hours, can attend any local workshops or conferences. For out-of-state functions or in-state functions requiring overnight travel, students need to have at least a sophomore standing.
  • We ask that you visit with faculty instructors to discuss any excused absences from classes. We suggest that you share with faculty that you are enrolled in Boise State TRIO Teacher Prep and that these are professional development opportunities sponsored by TRIO. You can always refer to them to your TRIO Educational Specialist if they would like to discuss anything further.
  • We expect that you will attend the full duration of a function if it is out-of-state or involves in-state overnight travel. If it is a local event and you are unable to attend the full duration, please visit with your TRIO Educational Specialist before you RSVP to the function.
  • Conference registration costs and overnight travel expenditures will be covered by TRIO Teacher Prep.
  • For local functions, gas/mileage, and or parking, will not be reimbursed by TRIO Teacher Prep.
  • There may be more functions or additional details added to this list. If any updates are made to this site, we will notify every Teacher Prep student via email.
  • All functions are organized by general categories. Some events are offered on multiple dates and have been listed in chronological order.
  • RSVP Instructions:
    1. Read through the description/s below and review the linked websites for details.
    2. Follow the deadlines below and RSVP on this webpage in a timely manner.
    3. Visit with faculty or job supervisors if excused absence required.
    4. Discuss with your TRIO Educational Specialist.
    5. We will register you for the actual conference or workshop. Your role is only to fill out the RSVP on this webpage.