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Graduate School Workshop Series

With adequate preparation and determination, we believe every Boise State University student can be a successful graduate school applicant.

The Boise State University TRIO Rising Scholars Program, TRIO McNair Scholars Program, LSAMP Program, and Graduate College are teaming up to provide all students at Boise State University the information they need to prepare a successful graduate school application. This information will be available to students through a series of free workshops that will begin in the Fall 2017 semester.

Our Promise

Perhaps you are curious about what graduate school is, perhaps you’ve decided you want to someday apply, or perhaps your applications are due next month. If you find yourself in any of these situations, we can help you become a more successful applicant. As the result of these workshops, you will have a more comprehensive understanding of:

  • what it means to pursue a graduate degree,
  • why people choose to earn graduate degrees,
  • what the components of the graduate application are and how they fit together, and
  • what you can do with the time you have to become as successful as possible in your graduate school application process.

We will help you think critically about the application process and market yourself to graduate school application committees in ways that showcase your unique qualities. You will also leave this workshop series being able to identify what you can do to build your skills and experiences in ways that make you a more attractive graduate school candidate.

The Workshops

Please check back for upcoming workshop information.

Who We Are

We are Boise State advisors that have graduate school experience and recognize that you may benefit from additional information. We have that information and we want to share it with you. Our goal is to help you identify whether or not you would like to go to graduate school, what your motivation is for going, how to view the application as a tool for communicating your potential, and how to develop a plan that will let you hone the skills and experiences necessary for a successful application.

Additional Graduate School Information

For additional information about graduate school, visit the Boise State Graduate College website.

Contact Us

Sarah Ritter
Program Coordinator
TRIO McNair Scholars Program
(208) 426-2453