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Tutor-Student Contract


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Tutoring Schedule

Tutoring Contract

Preparing for Tutoring:

  1. I have committed to receiving the agreed upon hours of tutoring per week for this class.
  2. I will coordinate with my tutor to determine a day, time and place for my weekly meetings. I understand that tutoring must take place on campus in a public area or via Zoom and that we will keep to the scheduled time each week.
  3. I will bring specific questions based on those outlined objectives to tutoring.
  4. If I need to reschedule tutoring, I will notify my tutor at least the day prior to my appointment. This will still be logged as a cancellation.
  5. Missing a scheduled session results in lost wages for my tutor. If I do not show up to my scheduled tutoring appointment three times (either a no-show, cancellation, or rescheduled) I will no longer receive tutoring for that semester. I can discuss this with my educational specialist if I would like to reapply for the next semester.

Expectations during Tutoring:

  1. I will arrive at tutoring on time.
  2. I understand that my tutor’s job is to help guide my understanding of the course material and to share strategies to help me learn and study more effectively. My tutor will not complete any assignments, essays, or quizzes/tests for me.
  3. I will complete my homework to the best of my ability prior to meeting with my tutor so that I am able to use my time with my tutor focused on what I don’t understand and be efficient. I will highlight all areas where I need help.


I will contact Ramona Shipman, my tutor, and my educational specialist in the event that:

  1. I no longer need tutoring
  2. I would like to drop from three hours to two hours of tutoring
  3. I drop my class
  4. My schedule or any other relevant information changes
  5. My tutor doesn’t show up to my tutoring meeting