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Executive Education Specialist graduates present research findings

Group photo of EdS Spring 2020 graduates
The Executive Educational Leadership Spring 2020 graduates.

The Boise State Executive Educational Leadership research symposium was held on campus March 12 and showcased the research of Spring 2020 graduates.

During the final year of the Executive Educational Leadership program, each student studies a school district or state level issue that they believe may require intervention or further study.

Students in the program represent large school districts, as well as rural districts from all across Idaho. Their studies seek to solve district and state level educational issues. The Executive Educational Leadership degree prepares students to excel as district-level administrators and leaders.

“The symposium allows students to share their research and findings with the community,” said Heather Williams, assistant professor and program coordinator. “Most students (in the program) will become educational practitioners, and it’s important for them to have that foundation as researchers.”

The event provided a forum to share their findings and expertise with the broader community, including legislators, as part of Boise State’s commitment to improving research in local and rural communities.

-Carrie Quinney, College of Education