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College of Education seeks students to serve on Inclusive Excellence Committee

The College of Education Inclusive Excellence Committee is currently seeking undergraduate and graduate students to serve on the committee, which will begin meeting this semester, Spring 2020.

The COED Inclusive Excellence Committee was created to ensure college-wide commitment to multiple diverse perspectives, ensuring historically under-represented perspectives and positions are recognized, valued and supported within the college.

The committee will meet to discuss strategies and prioritize actions to identify college culture, approach and experiences related to equity and inclusivity in alignment with the Inclusive Excellence Student Council’s purpose, which includes:

  • Working toward creating access to educational resources and facilities
  • Centering inclusive practice and policies for students and staff
  • Developing a zero-tolerance policy for hate
  • Working alongside organizations to create a united community in the college and on campus

Action on identified priorities will likely continue through the 2020-21 academic year.

Any students interested in serving on the committee are encouraged to reach out, learn more and apply by contacting Suzan Raney at