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Student Teacher Star: Lexy Nagy

Boise State Teacher Education student, Lexy Nagy, is optimistic and resilient about a student teaching semester that has started online. “We miss seeing our students and their faces,” said Nagy, “but we are quickly learning new and different ways of connecting and delivering quality education.” Nagy is an English Teaching student teacher at Riverglen Jr. High in Boise School District, and working with mentor teacher, Shannon Baranski.

“Teaching and planning around online platforms as well as finding the flexibility around student needs and success in this online environment has proven to be challenging, but in the best way,” said Nagy. “While of course we cannot wait to work in-person again, I think that the adaptability, flexibility and responsiveness that we’re building on and strengthening will give us a great advantage in the rest of our careers as teachers! Here’s to a phenomenal year of growth and partnership in learning!”


Lexy Nagy, Boise State Teacher Education teacher candidate, is completing her student teaching with mentor teacher Shannon Baranski at Riverglen Jr. High in Boise School District.