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Part-time job opportunity in McNair Scholars program

The McNair Scholars program is currently seeking a graduate student for a part-time  teaching assistant position. The position is 5-10 hours/week, $20/hour. For more information, please contact or

Job Summary
Responsible for performing teaching related duties to assist the instructor of record. These duties may include grading, responding to student graduate application essays, and holding office hours.

Primary Responsibilities
● Understand the McNair Program’s mission in order to provide appropriate feedback
during office hours.
● Understand the course content to provide constructive feedback.
● Understand the Program’s grading policy to provide fair and consistent grading.
● Provide timely feedback to students.
● Communicate regularly and effectively with staff.

McNair Scholars program is a two-year academic advancement and graduate school preparatory program for first-generation, low income, and underrepresented students who are interested in attending graduate school.