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Celebrating First-Generation Students: Jessica Warth

Jessica Warth always wanted to become a teacher, but didn’t quite know if it would work on a limited income and as the first person in her family to go to college.

“I did not think college was even possible for me,” said Warth. “I always dreamed of being a teacher, so one day I finally decided to follow my dreams and I still can’t believe with four kids, a husband and working full time I have been able to succeed in college.”

When Warth, a lifelong Bronco fan, enrolled at Boise State she was introduced to the TRIO Teacher Prep program at orientation. TRIO has supported Warth’s success with preparation and study materials to help her pass required exams to graduate with a degree in Elementary and Special Education in the fall of 2021.


Meet Jessica Warth

Jessica Warth always dreamed of attending Boise State, but faced economic challenges coming from a large family an the first in her family to attend college. When she decided the time was right, TRIO Teacher Prep was there to support Warth as she embarked on her journey as a first-generation student to become a teacher.

The TRIO Teacher Prep program’s goal is to encourage and support first-generation students, limited income students, or students who have a disability to pursue and attain an undergraduate degree in education.

As a mom of four kids and in a comfortable career, it took courage for Warth to change direction and start college, but her dream of becoming a teacher and to be the first person in her family to graduate college gave her the motivation she needed.

“Being a first-generation student means making my parents proud,” said Warth. “I can also show my children that they do not have to follow in anyone’s footsteps and they should take their own path.”

With the support of the TRIO Teacher Prep program, Warth will realize her dream when she graduates with a degree in Dual Special Education and Elementary Education when she can teach students with all abilities and give back to her community by helping children.

“I plan on becoming a teacher somwehere in the Treasure Valley,” said Warth. “I would be happy in any classroom as long as I get to teach because I have always been passionate about people and helping everyone. Who are more deserving that our children?”

November 9th – 13th is First-Generation College Celebration week. The Center for Multicultural Educational Opportunities, housed in the College of Education, includes a variety of programs that support first-generation college students.

Center for Multicultural Educational Opportunities