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Boise State STEM majors eligible for free 15 credits through summer scholarships

Boise State University’s IDoTeach program is offering summer scholarships for any STEM major interested in exploring teaching. Scholarships for up to 15 credits are available for Boise State STEM majors who might be looking for opportunities to make a difference in a new way. The scholarships allow STEM majors to explore teaching ‘for free’ while also earning coursework. The STEM-ED summer courses include field work in classrooms, providing STEM majors with real-world teaching experiences to see if teaching might be a good fit.

“If you are you a STEM major and interested in exploring what it is like to be a teacher, come try out our first teaching courses this summer 2021 semester for free” said Sara Hagenah, IDoTeach co-director.

The IDoTeach program offers ‘two degrees in one’ for STEM majors who want to specialize in a in STEM field while also earning teaching certification. IDoTeach is led by an interdisciplinary team of faculty in the College of Education, Biology, Chemistry, Computer Science, Engineering, Geosciences, Mathematics, and Physics.