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Praxis exam info and tips for teacher education students

If you’re a student in teacher education, you probably know you need to take Praxis exams prior to your professional year and/or to be certified to teach the subject and grade level(s) you’re pursuing certification in.

Teacher Education is encouraging our students to understand which Praxis exams to take, find study resources and prepare to take your Praxis exams as soon as possible in preparation for any deadlines that are approaching in your program!

One of our students, Delaney Schow, who is a student teacher at Garfield Elementary, has some important tips for students who are preparing to take their Praxis exams. As a student whose been through the testing process, Delaney knows important things students need to consider in preparing for the Praxis exams:

  1. Know your deadlines in advance. For example, Delaney’s program in Elementary Education required her to complete and submit her Praxis scores before she began her professional year. Secondary and other certification programs in teacher education may have different timelines for completing the Praxis exams.
  2. Do your research. Know which tests you will need to take for your program and how long the results will take for each test you need. Some tests take longer than others so you want to make sure the results will be in ahead of deadlines.
  3. Consider cost. It costs students money each time they take or re-take a test so the costs can add up quickly! If you are prepared for the test(s) the first time you save $$.
  4. Prepare and study. Use the practice tests available here: Praxis Interactive Practice Tests. You can also find third-party test prep resources – consider splitting the cost of these services with a friend, like Delaney did.
  5. Get additional help. Reach out to your advisor or program coordinator well ahead of your exam deadline to schedule an appointment, or ask fellow students who’ve successfully taken the tests for advice about the Praxis process.

Teacher Education has created the webpage below with more information, including a link to the Idaho Praxis test resource website, and to scholarship resources to help you pay for testing:

Praxis Exam Information

Delaney's Top 5 Praxis Tips