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Praxis Exam Information

Here you will find important information about PRAXIS exams. Successful completion of these exams is very important to your progress in your programs.

Find state testing requirements, passing scores, resources and sign up and pay for PRAXIS exams at the link below.

Idaho PRAXIS Testing Resource Website

IMPORTANT PRAXIS NEWS- Different Test Numbers
Please check the updated PRAXIS test numbers below. There have been changes to the required tests for several subjects. Due to recent changes, we are asking you to look again to make sure you have scheduled the correct test. The old tests are no longer being accepted by the state.

All Subjects K-8 – There is now a choice. You must complete all sections of the test from the same series – 7811 (recommended) OR 5001
Literacy K-12 – 5206
Math Middle School (5-9) – 5164
Social Studies Middle School – 5089 (Adding History 5-9 to Elementary Education)
Science Middle School (5-9) – 5442
English Middle School- (5-9) – 5047

Praxis information

The PRAXIS tests help Idaho educators demonstrate their knowledge of content, pedagogy and instructional skills for the classroom. These tests are important components of Idaho’s licensure and certification process and include. To obtain teacher certification in the State of Idaho, all candidates must complete a state approvedĀ  content area PRAXIS II exam aligned for each area of certification.

Please contact Lori Pierce French at in the Teacher Education office with questions.

When to take your PRAXIS exams

  • Elementary Education, Special Education, Early Childhood and Bilingual/ESL programs must complete PRAXIS exams before internship semester of your professional year.
  • Secondary (6-12) content area programs such as English and History, K-12 content programs such as Art and Music, and master in teaching (MIT) programs must complete PRAXIS exams prior to student teaching.

For some programs, PRAXIS exams need to be completed prior to your application to Professional Year. For example, if you plan to begin your Professional Year in fall 2022, your PRAXIS exams would have to be complete and scores submitted with your application by January 2022. For most candidates a great time to take the exams is right after admission to the Teacher Education Program. Remember scores can take up to 30 days to post after you take the test. Due dates for exams vary by type of program, please check with your advisor.

Tips for success

  1. Study – Download the free study guides and really study before taking the PRAXIS exams. You may not have interacted with some of the content since freshman year and potentially high school. Passing the first time saves a lot of money and stress down the road.
  2. Create Study Groups with Peers – Start a few months before your test date and meet regularly to go over the exam content.
  3. Leave yourself time – You may need take the tests more than once. You must wait 30 days to retake an exam.
  4. Prepare using a service – Prep resources are available to students for a fee. If you are interested, check out the resources for Praxis preparation through, or Passage Preparation: Praxis exam preparation

Passage Praxis Preparation


Scholarships for those with significant financial needs are available. Fill out the form below to apply.

PRAXIS Scholarship Application