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‘The students are the why…’ Teacher education graduates featured on Boise State Public Radio

Photo collage of Delaney Case (upper left), Hailey Dodson (middle left) and Leah Christner (lower left). Sherry Dismuke (lower right) is assistant dean of Teacher of Education at Boise State's College of Education.

Boise State Public Radio Morning Edition news host and reporter George Prentice interviewed 2022 teacher education program graduates Delaney Case, Hailey Dodson and Leah Christner about their inspiration for pursuing careers as teachers, despite the challenges teachers face in an increasingly politicized field.

“I think the biggest point of everything is that the students are the why- why I am here, why I choose to do what I do every single day,” said Case. “If we focus on (the students) being the reason why each of us are here today…we can forget about the things that are happening in the news and really focus on the purpose of being the teacher.”

The interview included Sherry Dismuke, assistant dean of teacher education, who offered insight into the process of becoming a teacher and the importance of mentorship and professional practice that students in the teacher education program receive at Boise State.

Listen to the interview on Boise State Public Radio here