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Meet Top Ten Scholar and Teacher Education graduate Claire Conner

Photo of Claire Conner, left, teaching in a classroom top right, standing with a research poster, bottom right
Claire Conner in her commencement regalia; in a classroom as a student teacher and presenting research at a conference in Orlando, Florida. Photos courtesy Claire Conner.

As commencement approaches on May 6, the College of Education is proud of our graduating teacher candidates who will be in classrooms sharing their passion for learning with students this fall. Among our graduates this year is Claire Conner, an outstanding student who was selected by Boise State as a 2023 Top Ten Scholar. Conner will graduate with a Bachelor of Art in Dual Special Education and Early Childhood Special Education, with plans to work as an early childhood special education teacher and earn a master’s degree at the University of Oregon. Conner, along with nine of Boise State’s most accomplished graduates will be recognized at the annual Top Ten Award ceremony on May 4.

“I am so grateful for my professors within the College of Education. They provided instruction within my courses as well as guidance and encouragement to conduct research that equipped me to provide a high-quality education to my students,” said Conner. “I learned that teachers are always conducting research, whether informally through classroom inquiries or formally through professional organizations.”

In the future, Conner plans to research how adult perceptions affect inclusive outcomes for preschool-aged students with disabilities. She credits her time in the teacher preparation program at Boise State for giving her the confidence to move forward with research after graduation.

“I am grateful for Boise State’s four-year certification program – it will provide me the flexibility in my master’s program to conduct additional independent or faculty-led research as others complete their clinical hours.