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2023 graduate profile – Sandra Collantes, athlete and counselor education scholar

Sandra Collantes
Sandra Collantes

At age 14, Sandra Collantes moved on her own from her home in Lima, Peru to the United States. Determined to excel in gymnastics, Collantes said she landed on her feet.

“Moving to the states, and then out here to Boise to be at Boise State and compete at the highest level in my sport, it’s shown me how to persevere.”

Collantes’ athletic career has elevated her to greater heights. In 2013, she became the first Peruvian to win the all-around in vault at the South American Pan Championships. Representing Boise State at the Mountain Rim Gymnastics Conference, she scored the third highest all-around mark in the conference’s history. Through injuries, surgeries and setbacks, Collantes returned to the floor stronger each time.

At Boise State, Collantes’ student experience has been equally impressive. She earned a Bachelor of Arts in Spanish and a Bachelor of Science in Psychology, and completed her Graduate Certificate of Health Services. During the pandemic, she continued her studies in counseling, pursuing health-centric community service in order to complete the 1,000 hours of related field work needed for her next degree. In May of 2023, Collantes will graduate with her Master of Arts in Counseling.

The support of scholarships, like the Angela Hoops Counseling Scholarship and the Torbet Counseling Scholarship, have helped her through college. Without this kind of financial assistance, she wouldn’t have had the chance to go back to Peru to visit her family.

“Counseling is a practice of healthy body, mind and spirit, and in gymnastics, it’s the same,” Collantes said. “Support is at the heart of everything I have done here. As an athlete and an academic, having that backing has been instrumental to my success.”

– By Lily Tindle-Hardy

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