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Video Transcript – Celebrating 25 Years of Doctoral Study in the College of Education

Video Transcript

[Patty Toney, Ed.D., class of 1997]: A student should come to Boise State because they want to be a better teacher. Whatever capacity that is. At the state level or in a classroom, they become a better teacher by taking part in this program.

[Kelli Rich, Ed.D., class of 2018]: Our professors are very invested in the things we are doing in our classrooms, and giving us things to think about that would push us to be better right there in our own classrooms.

[Angela Crawford, Ed.D., class of 2015]: It’s a very intimate, close program where you can work in close contact with people doing exciting research in schools and with students. You are supported by the faculty in pursuing your own questions. You’re supported by the university financially. It’s a really great place to get your feet on the ground as a researcher.

[Lamont Lyons, Ed.D., College of Education Dean, 1984-1989]: The interaction between faculty and students has always been a hallmark at Boise State, and I think it still is.

[Brian Whitney, Ed.D., class of 2009]: Everything that I do is influenced by being able to have that larger perspective that I got through this program. It’s changed who I am as an educator, through that it’s changed conversations that I have with other educators. And when I work with kids, being able to understand school improvement and how to make schools better, sometimes that’s what makes me show up with a smile on my face because I think about “What can I do today?” What did I get in my program at Boise State that’s helped me be a better educator? It can be things as simple as knowing how important relationships are with students. Those pieces have truly made me a better educator which I hope is important because that influences our school system and ultimately benefits our students here in the Treasure Valley.