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Video Transcript – Jill Hella Student Teacher Scholarship

Video Transcript

[Jill Hella, Jill Hella Student Teacher Scholarship Founder, College of Education ’04 Alumna]: My name is Jill Hella and I’m a graduate of the College of Education’s Curriculum and Instruction Program 2004, and I’m so thrilled to be able to initiate this scholarship for student teachers that are attending the College of Education here at Boise State. I graduated with a degree in Education, I worked in education for a number of years, and while I ultimately decided to leave the profession, I’m so grateful and value the education that I received here at the university, and it has undoubtedly led to my success in my current profession as a realtor. I think the College of Education here and the faculty are just unparalleled and to be able to give back to the future teachers in our area and the valley or beyond is just something I’m very grateful to be able to do.