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Prospective Students

Faculty and students in the field

Choosing the Right Doctoral Program

Picking the right doctoral program is a big decision. Therefore it’s important for the students and the faculty alike to feel like the program is a good fit and will help you reach your academic and career goals. We take the process of matching students and programs seriously, and, to help, we have a list of some tips and considerations for students considering pursuing a doctorate degree.

5 Ways to Tell if a Doctorate Program is Right for You

What You Can Do with a Doctorate Degree in Biology

There are many career paths and opportunities for our students upon graduation. As EEB students enter the workforce, they will be equipped to work in multiple fields including:

  • Academia
  • Federal agencies including the USGS, USFWS, BLM, and EPA
  • State agencies like Idaho Fish and Game
  • Private industry in jobs such as research scientist, biological consulting, or quantitative analysis

Why Study EEB at Boise State?