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The Application Process

Putting Your Application Together

The applications for doctoral programs are extensive and for good reason. We want to ensure that students we accept to the program are going to thrive and succeed in this environment. Because applying to these programs is no small task, we encourage our applicants to give themselves ample time to compile all of the necessary information.

The online application, official transcripts, and all related admission materials must be received by January 15th for a fall semester start.¬†International applicants and applicants with international transcripts are encouraged to apply by December 15th in order to ensure materials including official transcripts are received by the program’s deadline.

Required Application Materials

  1. Contact potential faculty advisor(s) – Your acceptance into the EEB program requires the support of a faculty mentor, be sure to contact a potential faculty advisor before the application deadline. See Finding a Mentor section below.
  2. Graduate College Application – Complete the Graduate College application. Once you complete the Graduate College portion of the online application and pay the application fee, the EEB program application requirements will be made available to you.
  3. Application Fee – Pay the $65 Domestic or $95 International application fee in the online application system.
  4. Transcripts – Please request official copies of all undergraduate and graduate transcripts to be sent to Boise State. Learn more about submitting transcripts to Boise State.
  5. TOEFL or IELTS Scores – Required for international applicants only. Learn more about language score requirements
  6. Curriculum Vitae (CV) – Upload a CV that outlines your education, skills, and professional experience.
  7. 3 Letters of Recommendation – Applicants will provide contact information for three references in the application system. Upon submission of the recommender contact information, an email will be sent to the recommender with a link to upload a letter of recommendation.
  8. Identify Interest in Graduate Faculty Advisor/Research Labs – Complete the electronic Applicant Faculty Advisor Selection form. The link to this form is provided in the graduate application. Upon clicking this link you will be prompted to provide 1-3 faculty names in which you are interested in conducting research with.
  9.  Cover Letter РSee the instructions provided below.

Cover Letter Instructions

Please write a cover letter of no more than 750 total words that include:

  • A description of your overall academic interests and goals. Why do you seek graduate training? What are your career goals? Why are you applying to this program?
  • A description of your specific scientific interests. This is a great place to describe your motivation to further your training in science and research in your chosen field. Also, describe why your selected research lab(s) are a good fit with your interests.
  • A summary of your previous research experience or jobs involving laboratory or fieldwork that can not be seen from your CV.
  • Please describe a situation where problem-solving and creativity helped you overcome a challenge or obstacle.
  • If needed, please request to be considered for a graduate assistantship in your cover letter.

Finding a Mentor

Students in the EEB program will work closely with a mentor throughout the course of their education. It’s important to find a mentor who is researching in an area that is interesting to you and pertinent to what you hope to do after you graduate. The faculty in this program have a wide array of backgrounds and areas of research, offering plenty of diversity for interested students to consider. Before submitting your application, it’s important to review the list of faculty researchers and select a couple of different labs you may be interested in working in. Before applying, we also encourage students to reach out to faculty to meet and determine if there is a good fit.

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