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English Writing Assessment

The English Writing Assessment (EWA) is used to place you into the college writing course that will benefit you the most.  We will ask you some questions about your use of English and other languages.

Most students will take less than 1 hour to complete this EWA. You will get your results within 3 business days. If you have questions about your results, please email us at

Begin the English Writing Assessment here

About the essay part of the EWA

We will give you a topic to write about that’s related to your own experience using English or another language.

Take your time in thinking about what you would like to tell us.  Your readers are English teachers at Boise State University. They will score your writing based on the following criteria:

  • Your ability to express your ideas clearly in English
  • The amount of detail in your writing
  • How well your ideas connect with each other

Placement Chart

The EWA uses a 5-point scoring system. Refer to the table for which course or program we advise you to take. If you have questions about placement, please email

ScoreCourse Placement
1Adult Basic Education or Intensive English Program
2We would like to speak with you to give you the best advice.
3English 101M (6 credits). It meets the 101 requirement.
4English 101P (4 credits) or 101M (6 credits)
5English 101 (3 credits), or a student may choose 101P (4 credits) or 101M (6 credits)