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For Students

What do you need help with?

Free tutoring

Our English language support tutors can help you improve your reading, writing, grammar, and conversation.

Please contact to arrange to meet a tutor for one hour each week.

When you ask for a tutor, the English Language Tutoring Coordinator, Heath Kemper, will email you and ask about your schedule.

During the COVID-19 stay-at-home period, your tutoring sessions will be held each week via video (Zoom or Google Hangout/Meet). The tutor will help you get set up with video conferencing, if you need them to.

No internet? Boise State’s West Stadium parking lot has free internet access. Also, Sparklight has low-cost internet access you can pay for through May.

No computer? Contact We can try to help you find a computer to borrow from the university.

English classes

Here are the classes for university credit. These are specifically for multilingual students, and the credits you earn will count toward graduation.

For English classes that are not part of a university degree, please see the Intensive English Program or the College of Western Idaho’s Adult Education program.

Finding out your college English level

You can take the English Writing Assessment (EWA) online. It will show us your reading and writing level. When you get your score, you can talk to us about your options, or you can register for the course that you were placed into based on your EWA score.


We in English Language Support Programs are happy to talk to you! Contact us at

Support from a peer network of other multilingual students

The Multilingual Student Alliance is a student organization. They offer advice for current and future students on resources for success as a college student. They also offer a warm and welcoming atmosphere and a sense of community.

Connections to other help on and off campus

For any of the above: contact

Ways to work with English learners