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The event will be hosted on a number of e-platforms to enhance the interactive and polished feel of the all e-conference experience. Similar to an in-person event, you can choose where you want to go and what you’d like to attend. In the reception area, you will find the complete program showing what is happening where.

Connecting with People

The conference dashboard is your communication area where you will find the main Event Chat. Make sure to follow the event chat for any important announcements and updates. Note: There are also Stage and Session Chats, which (as the name suggests) are specific to the main stage or sessions. Communicate with members of the audience and/or moderators for specific keynote or plenary sessions (Stage tabs), and research or roundtable sessions (Session tabs).


Chat is where you can post communication related to the conference event or a session (there are 2 tabs). Please note that questions should be posted in the Q&A tab rather than in the Chat tab to prevent the possibility of your question getting buried in the chatter. Additional tips for making the best of the Chat can be found in Hopin.


Polls may be used by moderators, if they wish, during their session.  Participating in the poll will allow you to see everyone’s participation results as well.


Do you want to see who is attending this event and connect with them? You can see and search for everyone who has registered for the event in the People tab. Click on the person’s name to see their profile, chat with them, or invite them to a video call.

Q and A

Post any Questions for Speakers in the Q and A tab. Participants can post anonymously and upvote other questions that have been posted.