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TC1 Software

There are two software packages required to run your seismometer:

  1. Arduino uno driver (required) – part of the NERdaq: the interface between TC1 Seismometer and computer
  2. Amaseis (required) – data logging software, displays digital seismogramFor a detailed description on installing the Arduino driver and Amaseis software, refer to Installing Arduino and drivers .pdf.There are three additional software packages we recommend you install on your computer so you may share real-time activity and process earthquakes:
  3. AboutTime (highly recommended) – computer clock correcting software
  4. Fling (optional) – software for sharing real-time screen images as part of IRIS – Seismographs in Schools program
  5. WinQuake (optional) – data processing software data

Of these programs, you should put Amaseis and AboutTime in your startup menu. (Fling will startup automatically, by default.)

Also, you should make sure that in the Power Management section of the computer you select that the machine does NOT go in sleep mode, nor in Screen Saver mode!

Automatic updates should be turned off, as some require an (automatic) reboot.

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