Air Force Invasion

The cadets of the Air Force Academy came to town with one thing on their mind: revenge. After being defeated 2-1 at the Mountain West conference Esports championships in Las Vegas Nevada last March, the Falcons of USAFA Esports wanted to settle the score on the blue turf of Boise.

Just like the football stadium, the Boise State Gamepants arena is covered in blue synthetic turf. The Albertson’s Stadium field is state-of-the-art field turf, while the covering of the Gamepants stage is a throwback to the original. It’s covered with generation 1 blue Astroturf removed from bronco Stadium in 1989.

Unfortunately for the cadets, the omnium (a combination of three events) would not fall in the favor of the blue-and-white. Boise State managed to defeat the cadets in Overwatch 4-1 (you must count the bonus “No Limits” game), 4-1 in Rocket League, and a straight sweep in League of Legends 2-0.

Air Force has improved dramatically since the NWC event, but so has Boise State. The fact that the cadets were allowed to travel for this game, shows how both institutions value both camaraderie and rivalry.

More to come in this matchup for sure.

Bronco fans should stay glued to the schedule as the 2019 fall season includes amazing esports match ups with UNLV, BYU, SJSU, and ALL of your Gridiron opponents.

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Justin Lester, Writer