Rocket League Takes on Best College Teams in CRL

Cosmobuster player in the CRL Qualifier #2
Miles “CosmoBuster” Hegret plays in the CRL Qualifier #2.

While 8-4 would be a great season for most college football teams, it’s a bittersweet consolation to a 2019 CRL (Collegiate Rocket League) tournament birth. The Broncos fell short on Sunday as both squads were eliminated in the quarterfinal game. Wins over Central Methodist, Colorado, Washington University (St. Louis), Minnesota, Utah Valley University, University of Houston, Iowa State, and others told the story of success, but the end of the road came with narrow defeats to both Louisiana State and Texas Tech in this double-elimination tournament.

The players were disappointed with the outcome but not their effort.

“This doesn’t define our season”, Haskell said at the close of the tournament for the Broncos, “It’s simply a page in this chapter. Like all games we have to discard the result, collect what information we can, and maintain our confidence.”

Rocket League will take on UNLV on Friday, October 4 as part of the Gridiron Rivals matchup. The Broncos will continue to build toward an opportunity this spring to bring home a potential third straight Mountain West conference championship.