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Valorant Team: NACE Playoffs

With winter break just over the horizon, we enter the playoff season for esports teams across the nation. When it started, the Valorant fall league consisted of 50 teams. Of these teams, the top 32 moved on to the playoff bracket in the beginning of November. Boise State is the only school to have two teams make it through to the playoff stage.

The “Blue” team won their first game against Texas A&M, but was eliminated by Mizzou during the second round, placing 9th-16th. Though they were eliminated, they fought hard and made the series go to a third map.

The “Green” team was able to take down Baker University, Midland, and Purdue, earning a spot in the semifinals where they would be facing the school that eliminated their sister team—Mizzou.

Wednesday night, Boise played the fated match against Mizzou, while the other Bronco team cheered them on from the sidelines. Though they worked hard training throughout the semester, Boise was taken down 0-2, ending our journey in the NACE Valorant Fall Cup and placing 3rd-4th.

Though this loss was unexpected and hard on the players, they are determined to keep their noses to the grindstone over the next 3 months, and try again for the Spring league.

Thank you to everyone who cheered on our teams throughout their journey! Valorant may be new to the esports scene, but Boise State has certainly made an impression in this tournament and we plan to make a comeback next semester as well.

Though playoffs have already happened, the games will still be rebroadcast at throughout the next few weeks. In January, you can also look for the start of the NACE Spring League, which will feature new maps and characters.