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Beacons Fall, Broncos Rise


By Arti Rainn
On Monday October 4th, 2021 the BSU Broncos took on Bushnell Beacon’s in NACE. The Broncos had a starting line up of Brian “Playto” Krahn, Kellen “Kell” Mcgurkin, Garrett “Frost” Strickler, Joey “G0b” Paci, Artemis “N3rdyBird” Rainn, and Jordan “ALargeBagel” Whyte. 

The NACE League picked the first map of Lijiang tower. The Bronco’s quickly rolled both Garden and Night Market with Bushnell only managing to capture Garden for 68 seconds, totalling 68%. 

The Beacons chose Numbani for the next map, and The Broncos chose to Defend first. They rolled out on Orise, Winston, Pharah, Ashe, Mercy and Ana, positioning on the high ground of The Objective Point. After a mere fifteen seconds the Broncos lost Frost to Bushnell’s front line. N3rdyBird resurrected Frost, and Frost died after being hooked off the high ground by MLG on Roadhog from Bushnell. The Bronco’s kept the fight alive on The First Point Objective of Numbani with G0b taking out Dabrly on Mercy and Unfazed on Wrecking Ball. The Broncos lost both their supports, and lost the first fight on point after fifty seconds had elapsed. The Bronco’s rest, and swapped their team composition over to Roadhog,, McCree, Torbjorn, Mercy, and Ana. Kell on and Playto on Roadhog acted like the team’s spear as they forced back Bushnell at the first corner of the Payload’s path. With G0b and Frost playing clean up crew and finishing the kills to reclaim control. They maintained this control, and were able to take back their original high ground defensive positions on Objective Point One. Bushnell attempted to make a composition swap bringing out a MGL on Orisa, and Shockmaster on Bastion to avail. The Bronco’s held the Beacon’s at their second spawn door for almost five minutes and thirty seconds. At the start of round two on Numbani The Bronco’s decided on their Ball-centric drive composition. Allowing Playto on Wrecking Ball, and Kell on to do the majority of the disruption and elimination of the enemy team. They were able to capture Objective Point One in the same amount of time as Bushnell. With five minutes and thirty seconds on the clock The Bronco’s moved the Payload 46.13 meters to win out the round. 

The final map selected by Bushnell was Junkertown. Their Mercy player, Drabrly, had decided to take matters into their own hands during this map. Taking out multiple members of The Broncos on their own both in and out of their ultimate Valkyrie. Bushnell managed to push the Payload past Check Point 2 by 74.86 meters. The Bronco’s came back on attack and managed to reach the same point with over three minutes on the clock.