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Boise State Esports congratulates Hayden “Vaghar” Dalton for winning NACE producer of the year

Boise State Esports would like to congratulate Hayden “Vhagar” Dalton for winning the NACE 2022 producer of the year award!

Ever since it’s founding, Boise State Esports has been proud to lead the collegiate scene in its high production values. As general producer, Hayden Dalton has been crucial to that consistently high broadcast quality. Known by his gamer tag “Vhagar,” Dalton has been with the program since the fall 2020 semester. Hayden’s specialty has been working on the many eye catching graphics and overlays that appear in our broadcasts.  He is one of the hardest workers in the program and often earns the distinction of being “first one in, last one out” of the esports arena.

Production isn’t Dalton’s only contribution to the program. Hayden has played on the Boise State Valorant team for the past few years. He has also appeared in front of the camera as a caster for multiple broadcasts. His favorite games to play involve Warframe, League of Legends, and For Honor. Dalton will graduate in spring 2024 with a degree in Games, Interactive Media, and Mobile. Until then, Boise State Esports is honored and proud to have him as a keystone member of our production team. To catch Hayden both in the production room and as a caster, check out Boise State esports twitch page for all future broadcasts!

Written by Jacob Palmer.

Hayden Dalton
Seen here in the production room, Hayden “Vhagar” Dalton has won the title of NACE Esports Producer of the Year.